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Ms Gwen
29 Jun


Stage 1:

To kick start our SSDB project, we started with dissecting seeds from common fruits we see on a daily basis as a class!

Here we exploring seeds using our senses!

Stage 2: To reduce food waste, we recycled the fruits we used in stage 1 to do fruit painting!

We also mixed different coloured paints to create our unique fruit paintings! We had so much fun!

Stage 3: We coloured a worksheet to recap on the fruits and seeds we learnt in stage 1 and 2.

Stage 4: We grew our very own green bean plant! We observed its growth over a period of 2 weeks and recorded our observations on a worksheet every few days. Furthermore, we learnt to care for our plant by watering it on a daily basis. Afterwards, we got to bring our own plant home!

We experienced planting our own green beans!

We recycled a bottle and tape the opening to make a watering can for our plants!

We recorded our observations.

Yay! We can bring home our plants!

Stage 5:

We had gotten the chance to harvest vegetable from our school garden and we had so much fun!

Stage 6: We learnt about what a plant needs to grow through books and videos! After we acquired knowledge on that, we completed a worksheet to recap. 

We had a blast learning more about gardening and plants and we will continue to explore through our SSDB project!

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