Nur Ellyna Binte Rosli

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sengkang West Blk 416A (DS)

Nur Ellyna Binte Rosli
17 Oct 2019

SSDB Food Bank Programme by PCF Sparkletots @ Sengkang West Way Blk 416A DS

Food Bank Programme is a programme whereby we collect food rations donated by our parents and took all the necessities to our collaborating partner as part of our SSDB journey to instill sympathy towards our elderlies in Jamiyah Home For the Aged.

We have planned to bring our K1 children for a visit in July. For June we are busy collecting and packing food ration as well as preparing a performance for the elderlies.

Here is the snapshots of the food rations donated to us.

At the end of the collection period we managed to collect a total of 10 boxes all filled with food rations that include

  • Maggie Noodles

  • Coffee/Tea

  • Canned food

  • Oats

  • Alot more!

We also involved our young ones to help in the packing process.

We sincerely want to thank our supportive parents for their kind donations.

We are also very proud of each and every children who willingly had lend a helping hand to ease the process.



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