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9 Aug 2018

SSDB Care For the Elderly @ Mini World

In  line with our SSDB Project on Kindness. We also collaborated with Singapore Red Cross (SRC) to create awareness in children that Caring to elderly is also one of the ways to show kindness.

We care for the Elderly. One of our greatest hope is for our children to be kind, show appreciation, understanding and care for the elderly around them. It’s far easier to instil positive values to a child early on then it is to correct bad behaviour down the line.

With that in mind, Project C.A.R.E. for the elderly was introduced to the children. The children were encouraged to discuss on ways of portraying positive behaviour when they see the elderly and they were asked to write good manners on strips of papers. The activity made them understand that there are times when they have to put someone’s needs before theirs. Most especially for the elderly like many things, caring is a quality that children learn over time through practice.

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