Laqui Cindy Atienza

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Radin Mas Blk 18 (DS)

Laqui Cindy Atienza
17 Sep 2020

SSDB Art Gallery Fund Raising Event

As part of our SSDB project, we held an art gallery fund raising program where we showcased the art works of our children and encouraged parents to support the event by purchasing their children’s art pieces in any amount that they can donate. The program began with a ribbon cutting from one of the representatives of President’s Challenge program.

Parents and children enjoyed their time exploring each corner. They were thrilled to see variety of art works as they walked around and visited the art galleries of each level. 

Their support to the project was overwhelming and inspiring. They showed enthusiasm and excitement in giving donations knowing that their little effort will create great impact and changes to someone’s life. The donations that were garnered for the project will proceed to one of the beneficiaries of President’s Challenge.

Everyone wore their best smile for their group photo as we ended the program. 

Parents and teachers little hard works and contributions made a great impact in helping our dear children to develop positive disposition in putting big efforts with their little hands.

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