Norshahila Binte Mohamad Sarip

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pioneer Blk 987D (CC)

Norshahila Binte Mohamad Sarip
16 Nov 2023

SSDB 2023: SPCA Talk (Responsible Pet Ownership Talk)

This will be our 3rd year that PCF Sparkletots @ Pioneer Blk987D has collaborated with SPCA. This year, as one of the initiatives for the SSDB Project titled “My Family and I”, a representative from SPCA (Miss Diba) have kindly offered to come down to share more about responsible pet ownership.

Owning a family pet requires the love, care and long-term commitment of the whole family. Family members were invited to this beneficial talk to learn more about owning a pet and the benefits of adoption. 

The topics covered in this talk included the life spans of different type of pets, do and don’ts, dietary habits and more.

Families and children contributed cat/ dog food to the Pet Donation Drive for the animals at the SPCA shelter.

Prior to the SPCA talk, Luna the Cat and Dazzle the Dog paid a visit to the school to teach the children more on how to care for cats and dogs.

Children and their families benefitted a lot from the talk and it made them reflect on the roles and responsibilities of being a pet owner.

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