Norshahila Binte Mohamad Sarip

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pioneer Blk 987D (CC)

Norshahila Binte Mohamad Sarip
16 Nov 2023

SSDB 2023 Launch Party @ PCF Pioneer Blk 987D: My Family and I

PCF Sparkletots @ Pioneer Blk 987D launched the SSDB project titled “My Family and I” on the 28th April 2023. To commemorate the launch party, families of the children were invited to get to know more about the objectives of the project and understand how they can tap on their unique strength as a family unit to help others through the many activities that has been planned.

We started off with an introduction from the mascot of Families For Life, Becky Bunny. She introduced herself as well as her family members and shared how important they are to her. Becky shared the four family values that she holds dear and practice on a daily basis: Love, Care & Concern, Commitment and Respect. We sang the song “I Love My Family” together and enable the first family value which is Love. Before Becky ended her sharing, she invited all of the family and children to work together in creating the SSDB Banner for this year.

Families and children took charge of painting the SSDB Banner. We joined the different parts of the banner together signifying the start of the SSDB project: My Family and I.

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