Kavita Rawat

Khalsa Kindergarten

Kavita Rawat
7 Jun

SSDB 2023 Launch Party @ Khalsa Kindergarten

Khalsa kindergarten embarked on SSDB 2023 journey with this year’s theme ‘Many Helping Hands, Caring for Everyone’. The significance and goals of this project is to give back to the community and showing love, care and respect to the environment and people around them!

We collaborated with ‘Civil Defence Heritage Gallery’ and ‘Singapore Art Museum’ and began our SSDB journey. We launched our project on 21 April 2023.

First part - Visit to the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery located at the Central Fire Station.

K1 and N2 -Our K1 and N2 children visited the “Civil Defence Heritage Gallery” to learn about the history of firefighters in Singapore and how it has progressed from late 19th century to modern day. Children had an opportunity to learn about the SCDF’s fire-fighting operations by seeing different generations of fire engines and equipment and also the role of fire fighters. They also learnt about fire safety measures and cautions from the officers. This activity aimed to link our SSDB project to help children to build their knowledge and understanding about how the whole fire fighting system works.’ Many helping hands, caring for everyone). Our brave Heroes, the fire fighters and the team save people’s life and make huge contribution to serve the community had created a great impact in children’s mind. Children developed awareness in building a better future for Singapore and nurture a sense of belonging to the country.) 

Visit to the Art Science Museum 

Our school K2 Children visited the ‘Singapore Art Science Museum’ and explored the different forms of art in nature. The objective of the learning journey is to expose children to various forms of art in nature and how they can use their imagination to depict the future world. They were immersed in a world of art, science, and technology through digital interaction. This inspired them to be innovative and use their imagination to create art pictures of the future world. Children came up with more innovative ideas to save the environment and they created their piece of art.

After the learning journey, Children wanted to get involved with the community. Hence, they were given an opportunity to involve in community related activities. By inspiring the SSDB slogan, ‘No one can do everything but everyone can do something’, Our children showed their involvement by participating in a cultural dance for the ‘Vaisakhi Mela’ event.

They actively participated on “Vaisakhi” and celebrated SSDB Launch where K2 children danced for fusion songs. Through this involvement children learnt to give back to society by volunteering their time and connecting with people, which will bring positive impact on them. Group dance Performance by K2 children

Children had a chance to meet the police officers. The SCDF officers taught children about CPR and AED. Children did a demo and learnt to do CPR. They also taught children about life saving skills that was a very meaningful learning for the children.

Stay tuned and look forward to more interesting updates on our upcoming SSDB journey!!

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