Pun Jie Zhen Denise

MOE Kindergarten @ Junyuan

Pun Jie Zhen Denise
25 Sep 2022

SSDB 2022: Reduce, reuse, recycle and repeat!

“Can I bring the fruit cup home after I finish my fruits to plant a seed?”

“Can I use the plastic bottle to make a shaker?”

“Let’s make a pretend car with this cardboard box!”

After many months of learning about the 3 Rs, the children at MOE Kindergarten @ Junyuan have made reducing, reusing and recycling their new way of life!

The children displayed initiative, innovativeness and loads of creativity on this journey of learning about how we can give certain household items use beyond their original purpose.

It is our hope that the children will continue being responsible and considerate citizens who contribute towards Singapore’s goal of becoming a Zero Waste Nation by reusing and recycling all materials to give them a second lease of life!

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