Xu Huiqi

Skool4Kidz Punggol Waterway Banks

Xu Huiqi
27 Sep 2022

SSDB 2022 Finale

After months of embarking on our SSDB 2022 project ‘Little Rescuers’ in our curriculum, our K2s reflected what they had learnt throughout the journey in their journal. Thereafter, they did a Show & Tell on what they had drawn/written. 

Our K2s concluded the SSDB project with the song ‘Save The Planet’. They explored the rhythm of the music and sang along with actions. 

Last but not least, the children watched a video that teacher had compiled for this SSDB home-school project where they went to animal related places of interest with their families. They shared about how important animals are and how they can help to protect them. 

It was a very fruitful journey for the children and teachers where we discovered alot about animals through hands-on activities, current issues, online videos, virtual trips, etc. Thank you parents for all the support and see you next year, SSDB!

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