Crystal Lee

The Little Skool-House At-Downtown-East

Crystal Lee
6 Jul

SSDB 2022: Cleanliness Starts With Me

At Little Skool House DTE, we believe in developing children’s critical thinking and problem-solving whereby they discuss, investigate, research and report on topics of their interest. Therefore, the N2 children came together and decided to focus on the different ways to care for the parks and gardens in their learning experience, which aligned with our SSDB’s theme on ‘Cleaning Public Spaces’.

With that, the children participated in a beach clean up at Pasir Ris Park in the month of June. The children embarked on their journey on Thursday (9th June).

During this project, we aimed to inculcate in children the habit of maintaining cleanliness as well as to educate them on the different ways that they can participate in to keep our environment clean.

Along with our parent volunteers, the children went around the beach to pick out rubbish such as glass pieces, cigerette butts and food packaging before throwing them into the bin collectively.

Afterwards, the children engaged in a discussion on the various items that they have picked at the beach as well as the purpose behind a beach clean up. Some children mentioned that by doing so, it makes the Earth happy while some highlighted how they would like to have a clean beach to play at.

We hope that the children had an enriching experience and gained a better understanding of how they can contribute significantly to the environment!

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