Nur Hafifah Binte Sulaiman

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Woodgrove Blk 571B (CC)

Nur Hafifah Binte Sulaiman
3 May

SSDB 2021 Launch Party

PCF Sparkletots @ Woodgrove Blk 571B had our SSDB 2021 Launch Party on 22 April 2021, in conjunction with Earth Day. The title of our project is ‘A Green Planet Is A Clean Planet!’. We decided to focus on the 3Rs and upcycling to reduce waste and promote a cleaner environment. The theme of our celebration was camping. We based our celebration around the theme of camping to encourage and teach the children to go outdoors more often, reduce electricity consumption at home and help to save the Earth. Furthermore, the children embarked on upcycling projects that taught them ways to make use of materials and turn them into useful products that they can use daily.

The K2 children used old T-shirts and upcycled them into pencil cases. They can use these pencil cases in school or when they go on to primary school next year. 

The K1 children made seed bombs out of recycled paper. They tore, mashed and rolled the paper into balls, and placed seeds in them. 

The Nursery children made toy carriers out of plastic milk jugs and tissue boxes. They decorated their plastic milk jugs and tissue boxes according to their own likes and creativity. 

The Pre-Nursery children made a class poster on Earth Day. They made finger and hand prints to decorate the poster. 

The Playgroup children decorated bookmarks which they can use at home when reading books with their parents. 

The upper level children participated in an indoor mock bonfire experience using recycled materials to make the bonfire, while the early years children had a picnic at the multi-purpose hall outside the centre. We encouraged parents to bring light snacks in reusable containers for their children to enjoy. 

We also decided to get the parents involved in the celebration by providing them with a take-home project. The take-home project was to use old T-shirts to make a tote bag. They were provided with the instructions on how to make the tote bags and many children brought their upcycled tote bags to school on the day of the celebration. 

The children enjoyed themselves thoroughly and had learnt a lot about how they can use supposed waste materials and upcycle those into usable items. They also gathered ideas on activities that they can do with their families outdoors to reduce electricity usage at home, to save the Earth. We look forward to more activities planned in the months to come!

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