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Enfant Educare Pte Ltd

Enfant Educare Pte Ltd
3 May

SSDB 2021 Launch Party

Enfant launched our Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) 2021 project with a small gardening party last 16th April 2021. We are indeed very excited to be a part of this project again for the 2nd year. With a project called “A Zero Waste Edible Garden”, we hope to expose and educate our children about sustainability as we work towards our zero-waste edible garden, plant edibles using different methods and giving back to the community through our harvests.

Here’s a sneak peek at our launch highlights. The children were very enthusiastic and participative as they engaged in the activities that follow. 

We shared our project timeline with the children. They learned some hands-on gardening skills and planting methods through videos by Nparks, our community partner for this project.

We worked with parents to donate recyclables for the project and have the children sort them accordingly at the Recycling Station.

The children were busily engaged in the sowing and planting process. Spinach, kailan, cucumber, tomato, lady’s fingers and pandan are some edibles we planted.

The children discussed and shared ideas and helped out in planning the roster for our plant nursery.


We look forward to embarking on this project with the children and their families in the months to come!

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