Lim Wan Ting, Christy

Learning Vision @ Vista Point

Lim Wan Ting, Christy
2 Aug 2021

SSDB 2021: Grabbing Hands, Touching Hearts at Learning Vision @ Vista Point

Learning Vision @ Vista Point (Woodlands) kickstarted the two-part event based on the theme Caring for the Community, targeting on appreciating Food Delivery Riders and showing care for our senior citizens.

Appreciating Delivery Riders:

Delivery Heroes Always on the Go, is our part one of our SSDB project where we aim for our children to give back to the community by learning to appreciate the hard work our Food Delivery Riders in this challenging season of COVID-19.

With that, we would be giving out a Fun Pack which includes some essentials that these Delivery Riders would need such as ponchos and cooling sleeves. We had specially designed a reusable mask, imprinted with our slogan, Delivery Heroes Always on the Go.

Children cutting and pasting small notes of appreciation to the Food Delivery Riders onto a keychain.

Each level has the chance to create different designs in the paper bags to store the essential items.

To facilitate the distribution the Fun Packs, a Riders Kiosk was set up for the Food Delivery Riders to collect their Fun Packs and enjoy an appreciation video done by the children.

SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home Donation Drive and Performance:

The part two of our SSDB Project focuses on showing care to our senior citizens. With that, we have collaborated with SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home. We arranged a series of performances for the senior citizens to enjoy. The centre also opened a donation drive, where we would purchase daily necessities for the seniors at the Home. We have received generous donations from parents, totalling of $700.

A snippet of our virtual performances for the senior citizens!

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