Ng Boon Leng

Learning Vision @ Vista Point

Ng Boon Leng
29 Apr 2019

SSDB 2019: Learning Vision @ Vista Point celebrates Diversity (launch party)

Learning Vision @ Vista Point (Woodlands) embarked on the topic of “Celebrating Diversity”, to create awareness in the children on embracing differences of each individual. A collaboration with Train Kids Early Intervention and Educare LLP (special education services) to help the children understand better on the different ways to communicate with each other.

Launch of SSDB Event (12 April 2019)

The launch party started with a simple pledge making from the K2 children on some of the ways that they are going to help each other. The event continued with a short presentation by a guest speaker, Ms Faizah, on giving some simple knowledge on communication with special needs children. A wonderful dance performance by the K1s, on their feelings, and a finale song “What I Am” closed the day with many cheers from the parents.

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