Ng Boon Leng

Learning Vision @ Vista Point

Ng Boon Leng
31 Aug 2018

SSDB 2018: Saving the Endangered Animals

Learning Vision @ Vista Point (Woodlands) embarked on the topic of “Saving the Endangered Animals” to learn more about the endangered animals. At the same time, the children also got to understand that little efforts made will add up to make a big difference in saving the earth.

Launch of SSDB Event (20 April 2018): A short presentation and skit by the Teachers was presented to the children to educate on the importance of saving the endangered animals. The children enthusiastically pledged together as the SSDB ambassadors.

Speaker from WWF (15 May 2018): A speaker from WWF Singapore came to the centre to give an educational talk to create awareness on the endangered animals. The children extended their understanding in designing and creating bookmarks to distribute to the public.

Learning Journey to River Safari (16 July 2018): To extend the children’s understanding and learning, a visit to River Safari was planned for an up-close and personal experience with the different endangered animals that the children had selected- Panda, Sturgeon and Platypus. The children also participated in the in-park programme “I’m a Panda Keeper” conducted by WRS.

SSDB Culminating Event - Artworks Display and Donation Drive (30 August 2018): To mark the end of the SSDB project on “Saving the Endangered Animals”, the children did individual artworks and all the parents supported by making kind donations to WWF - an approximately $1,000 was raised during this drive. A mini Safari was set up to display all the artworks for the parents to view, together with a poster available for the parents to make a pledge on ways to save the Earth.

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