Elaine Chong

SJCK (Harding)

Elaine Chong
13 Sep 2018

SSDB 2018 Community Outreach: Little Arborists

During our investigation, we found out something interesting. By linking to the roots network, trees can help their neighbours by sharing nutrients, and information about harmful fungus attacks. That inspired us!

Just like trees, we can learn to care for those around us. By using our knowledge from planting the guava tree, we decided to repot little trees, the desert rose and ficus ginseng, for a charity auction.

We knocked holes into some new pots, poured in compost soil, then tested for soil drainage. We learnt that the roots will die if they are underwater for a long period of time.

On Open House day, parents and family members were invited to see our trees project. We shared with them our favourite activities and explained the learning behind some of the drawings and artworks we created.

We also took the chance talk to them about the SSDB charity auction to raise funds for the needy. We were so thankful when we found out all the little trees we repotted were sold. Hurray!

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