Owena Ho Jia En

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines Central Blk 858 (CC)

Owena Ho Jia En
24 Sep 2022

Singa Cubbie Workshops by MuzArt Singapore

SKM has kindly organised 4 Lessons (1hour each) to teach both children and teachers different art techniques when using art mediums. Children througly learnt many interesting ways and materials to be used when decorating the singa cubbie that is provided.

Through this activity, children learnt to work together and also show kindness to one another by sharing art materials and giving nice compliments to each other’s work.We’ve also sent out a few cubbies that’s made by the children for the design competiton and we had 4 that is chosen as Top 20! (We are still waiting for results!) 

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