Foo Soo Khuen

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ayer Rajah Blk 750 (KN)

Foo Soo Khuen
21 Aug 2019

Showing Kindness Heart to Heart (Story 1: Virtual Launch)

The course for this year project is to show kindness to people around us. These include the community helpers, the visually handicapped and our family. Workshops and learning journey are specially curated such that inclusiveness can be encouraged. The children and family learn the importance of taking good care of their eyes. They learn the tips of providing assistance to the visually handicapped. Community involvements are organised to provide opportunity for the children to apply what they have learned. Parents participate actively to support their child’s learning.

Virtual Launch

Date: 8th April 2019 Monday

The launch was held in two sessions; one in the morning and another in the afternoon. It was held during the weekly workout sessions. A short briefing regarding SSDB and the course of the project were informed to the parents. Kindness Ambassadors gave out bookmarks to the parents who are at the site to create awareness.

Workshops by SAVH (Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped) and DID (Dialogue In The Dark).

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