Nur Fahriyah Bte Abdul Rahman

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Nur Fahriyah Bte Abdul Rahman
31 Aug 2017

Share A Joy Share A Toy - Part 2

The day has come where we share our toys with our friends from Pertapis Children Home on Thursday, 17th August 2017. We took a bus to the location. Let’s line up and put on our bucket hats!

We reached the location and were greeted by the staff from PCH. They were welcoming and excited to meet our new friends. Our teachers helped in packing the toys for us to give to them. We managed to collect 3 recycled boxes full of toys!

You see those handprints? Those are our handprints! More on Part 1.

We sat in a big room to wait for our friends. Our teachers briefed us on how to welcome our new friends. We contributed answers such as saying hello or waving to them. While waiting in the room, we saw our new friends peeping from outside. We got more excited!

Here they are!

We played games and have a snack together. We made new friends! They were very friendly towards us. We feel grateful to spend time with them even for a short while.

We also prepared gifts for them! It is a form of generosity and givings from our heart. They sang a wonderful goodbye song in PCH version. It is time to bid goodbye.

Overall it was an enjoyable day for both centres. We believe that the friendship doesn’t end here!

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