Teacher Angie

Bright Kids @ 173D Punggol Field

Teacher Angie
23 Sep

September - Sharing of what we have learnt

A continuous of our collaboration with Care elderly programme from July, we have also celebrated National Day and Mid Autumn festival together with them.

We have demonstrated our understanding of care, concern and love for them through the craft and mooncake making activities. It’s fun and enjoyable to spend time with the elderly, teachers and family.

We have learnt different values such as ways of showering love, respect, care & concern and more, through SSDB project. Besides that, we did a sharing of what we have learnt together with our teachers.

We can show our love by helping our parents to cook, hugging our parents and say kind words to our friends. We demonstrates respect by greeting our grandparents and teachers.

Last but not least, we enjoy singing the songs during the SSDB lessons. The project may be concluded but the values stay in us. 😊

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