Spring Brainy Kidz @ Ubi

14 Oct 2022


On 31st August 2022, we had a ZOOM session with the clients from ECON @ Chai Chee. In order to prepare children to conduct an interview with the clients, children were given the questionnaire to ask their grandparent or any elderly member in the family. The theme of the questionnaire was “Back in the days”. The purpose was to promote intergenerational interaction and to relate experiences on both sides!

The day has arrived when the children met the clients. They were a little shy to talk in the first place but during the middle of the interview, one of the elders asked them to sing. The children finally took the courage to sing to them in Chinese!

Children took turns to ask questions to the clients. They were surprised when they heard that their favourite foods turned out to the clients’ favourite too!

We ended off with a client singing his favourite Mandopop oldie, Tian Mi Mi!

It was a fresh experience for our children and grateful that now they are more confident than before to start a conversation! A big thank you to the clients and staffs of ECON Healthcare @ Chai Chee for the opportunity to expose our children’s social awareness!

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