Ms Germaine Siew Jia Min

Spring Brainy Kidz @ Ubi

Ms Germaine Siew Jia Min
29 Aug 2022

SBK@UBI SSDB Launch Party (22/04/2022)

The children from Spring Brainy Kidz (Ubi) were geared up for the Start Small Dream Big Lauch Party by making recycling bins and reciting the SSDB pledge ♻️.

The pledge goes like this:

“We, Captain SBK, will save the Earth🌎 by recycling and the love❤ for unique individuals.

With our powers💫 combined, we are going to take pollution down to zero, and perform the 3Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle♻️!

Everyone is different and that is ok, as Captain SBK will love unconditionally.

In all, the world will be a better place!”💕

The children do their best to paint and create their recycling bin for our recycling corner in school. N2 was in charge of blue bin for recycling 📃, K1 was in charge of red for recycling plastic and K2 was in charge of yellow for cans🥫.

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