Chen Wai Ling, Diane (Chen Huiling, Diane)

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Chai Chee Blk 135 (KN)

Chen Wai Ling, Diane (Chen Huiling, Diane)
3 Apr 2020

SAVE OUR BEACH! Beach cleanup @ Pasir Ris Beach

We began our journey for our SSDB project with a goal in mind to care for our environment. Therefore this year, our children and center decided upon a beach cleanup to understand how plastic affects our world and to make it a safer and cleaner environment for our children.

On Friday 19th April in collaboration with NEA, we set off together with our children and their parents to Pasir Ris Beach for our beach cleanup event ‘SAVE OUR BEACH!’. Armed with tongs, gloves, and bags to pick up plastic litter on our coastal shores, we began our mission to make our beach a safer and cleaner environment. From our Nursery 2 to our Kindergarten 2 children, parents and teachers paired together with our children walked along the beach and picked up litter that was harmful to the sea creatures. Most of us got more than we bargained for than just plastics, there were fishing nets, drink cans, fishing hooks, and etc. 

It was a fulfilling and enriching day as parents and children bonded over learning and caring for the environment. Both parties became more aware of the various litter that we dispose of wrongfully and how that affects the bigger environment and pollute our waters and harm the sea creatures. This event colluded our main goal of the project to bring about awareness and action to reduce and recycle plastic for a better tomorrow.

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