A Neshanthini Mrs Neshanthini Neelamohan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Braddell Heights Blk 246 (CC)

A Neshanthini Mrs Neshanthini Neelamohan
22 Sep 2021

Roots of LOVE in our Homes

The aim of the project is to stay connected and strengthen relationships with bonding activities, appreciating family values such as care, filial piety and commitment to one another and to also respect family members by showing responsibility in caring for the wellbeing of other. This is the 5th year that our centre PCF Sparkletots Preschool@ Braddell Heights Branch BLK 246 has participated in SSDB. Having the current pandemic, COVID -19 in mind we wanted our children to know that our frontliners have families too and we all need to be kind to one another.

Young families are busy with their fast-paced lives. Not surprising to see that technology is at the forefront of human communication. Between bustling schedules of juggling family life and work, in addition to reaching people through cyberspace as the main mode of connection; values seem to be taken for granted.A home is not only a shelter. It is a place that we build memories of unity, bonding, celebrations and much more. We wanted our children to understand the love and care of their family. To treat our elders with the appreciation and respect they deserve and value their contributions in the family as well as in the community. To care for underprivileged families.

Introduction and Launch Party

For our SSDB launch this year, we created a huge tree together with our Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 children. We chose a tree as the icon of our project to remind children that a family is like branches on a tree which grows in different directions, yet the roots remain as one. To bring our tree alive, prior to the launch party, children were given a take home kit with collage materials and a heart template to decorate and write 2 core family values that are consistently demonstrated at home or to others in the community.

On the day of the Launch, children were engaged in a large group discussion on how the roots hold a tree together. Responses and ideas were gathered on what they can do to nourish the roots to keep it strong and sturdy connecting the tree with family and values. Before placing the hearts on the branch, children were given the opportunity to read out aloud what they have written on their uniquely decorated heart.

Some of the activities carried out during our SSDB project were….

Just like my grandparent where children took turns to act out various actions regularly performed by their grandparents. The other children on the other hand had to mimic his/her every move. To wrap up this activity, children got to paint a portrait of their grandparent.

I am growing where children were touched with a special wand, transforming them to the different stages of the human cycle. Children were encouraged to move about or act out actions associated with the corresponding life stages. Through this activity, children were also given an opportunity to talk about how they can be safe at different stages of life during the current pandemic. To freeze this moment, children printed their handprint turning it into some flowers to tell their parents they will always be loved no matter how much or how fast they grow.

Kindness Week, where children were engaged in ways to show kindness at home and to seniors through role play using the kindness cubbies hand puppets. Parents were also involved by writing on post-it note on how they have shown their kindness to people in the community.

Collaborating with Sparklecare

The interaction session with the seniors was heart-warming. One of the seniors mentioned that an important value every child should practice would be, “respecting your parents.” Parents shared their values too, they spoke about what their parents used to tell them when they were younger. When the seniors showed the tote bags they designed, children commented that their paintings were nice. They also concluded that the seniors painted better than them.

Start Small Dream Big Finale- The Giving Bag

Collaborating with Food Bank Singapore

In the final phase of the project, we wanted our children to learn about social responsibility. There are families with diverse needs in the community. Especially in this pandemic where families are affected with COVID, financial instability as well as unemployment. Through collaboration with FOOD BANK Singapore Pte Ltd in distributing donated food items to underprivileged families, children learnt to recognize the needs of others and understand the resilience of a family in unity.

Children were involved in the contribution and packing of food items for underprivileged families.

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