Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
16 Oct 2021

RE: NurtureStars Preschool at SAFRA Punggol's #GoBlue4SG World Water Day celebration 2021

 Here’s the story on our centre’s World Water Day Celebration as part of our concisive effort to be part of the #GoBlue4SG Movement. 

In commemoration of World Water Day, NurtureStars Preschool @ SAFRA Punggol utilized the series of three storybooks to encourage children to use water responsibly. from PUB titled: 

  • All the Water is Mine

  • Bringing Water to Terry

  • Saving Caleb

We initiatied parental involvement to co-create various crafts revolving around the concept of ‘Water Saving’ according to each level as follows:

Pre-Nursery: Collage using recyclables depicting PUB’s water saving campaign, ‘Every Drop counts’.

Teachers used the ‘Every drop counts’ collage for a ‘Show and Tell’ session during the event to have an activity where students shared and discussed the topic ‘Why does each drop count’ in groups or as a class and talked about ways they can save water.

Nursery: Parents and students co-created a postcard with water saving tips which can be adhered in their home, school or local community.

Teachers used the ‘Water Saving Tips’ postcards during the event to have an activity where students share and discuss the cause and effect of the water saving tips in groups or as a class, and talk about ways they can actualise their tips shared.

K1: Parents and students co-created their own water saving campaign advocating less water consumption in their home, school or local community.

K2: Parents and Stars co-created a ‘Water Diary’ on recyclables

such as:

· Cardboard

· Paper

· Plastic

To help children understand the importance of water by developing awareness of their own daily consumption. For one day, have students write down all the water or fluids they consume and, if possible, all of their water their family use during the day. Ask them to think about their entries in detail, e.g. Do they leave the tap on whilst brushing their teeth? How long to they spend in the shower? How many glasses of water do they drink?

Typical activities that require water might include:

· Morning activities (brushing teeth etc.)

· Drinks

· Cooking food

· Bathroom visits

· Laundry

· Cleaning

· Washing dishes

· Watering plants

· Washing the car etc.

Though they may not be able to calculate exact measurements, thinking about all of the activities they use water for and for how long will really open children’s’ eyes about how much we depend on water and how fortunate they are to have access. These water diaries have been submitted to PUB for collaborative work.

Teachers used the ‘Water Diary’ during the event to have an activity where students share and discuss their water usage in groups or as a class and talk about ways, they can reduce it.

Stars across all levels joined in to dance to the new music video, titled, ‘Turn Off The Tap!’ sees PUB mascots Water Wally and Sally coming to the aid of the five-member Baby Shark family, whose home is in grave danger of drying up.

Browse the link to see some of the masterpieces by our Stars and their parents.

Here is the link to the photo gallery of the sharing, dance along and celebration:

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