Noraini Bte Mohd Tap

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Marsiling Blk 32 (kn)

Noraini Bte Mohd Tap
30 Aug 2018

Putting a SMILE in everyone through KINDNESS

The objectives of the SSDB project for our Centre are to give back to the society, spreading kindness and showing appreciation to the community and family. Therefore, we have decided to get the children to do kind gestures to put a SMILE on everyone. We started the project in conjunction with Earth Day. The children and parents collected old newspapers, magazines and clothes to be sold off to the “karang guni” man on May 10. The proceeds from the selling were used to buy some craft materials for the sustainance of the project.

The first group of K2s used the money to purchase some craft materials for the craft activity that they did at Adventist Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre. On 17 August, the children went over and did a simple craft together with the elderly there. The elderly were very happy with the children and they had fun mingling around.

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