PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Marsiling Blk 32 (kn)

Block 32 Marsiling Dr, #01-343
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Apart from the usual corners in a classroom, the K1 & K2 children have phonics lesson everyday and are also provided computers for their IT lessons and exercises.

Mother Tongue

The mother tongue languages provided at PCF Marsiling Blk 32 are Chinese, Malay and Tamil. The mother tongue teachers plan and execute interactive lessons so that there is something new and interesting every time the children come into class. At the different mother tongue lesson venues, numbers, alphabets, shapes and colours are displayed on the walls in the mother tongue. The teachers ensure that reading, writing, understanding and counting in the mother tongue before the start of their primary school education.

Music Toolbox

Every Tuesday, Music Toolbox lessons are conducted by a music specialist from Music Factory. This lesson is where the children are taught how to play musical instruments such as tambourines, shakers and resonator bars. The children are taught how to read simple notes and play the tune accordingly. Tune, tempo, beat and rhythm are also being highlighted during the lessons. Equipped with the basics of music, the children are able to express themselves through the form of music.

Garden Tots

The exceptional aspect of this kindergarten is really its deep passion for mother earth and the love of nature. This is evident as the kindergarten has a garden about 2 minutes away from the main office that holds key to an excellent, hands-on and engaging holistic education. The children would be brought out of their comfort zone and be exposed to the real world elements during their lessons outside the classroom. They would have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and develop green fingers when they are out in the garden, planting different plants each year.

The children to would have to unleash their creativity whilst ensuring they observe the safety of the plant’s nature when it comes to planting. Through the gardening programs the children are also exposed to the arts, language and literacy and also numeracy. Once back in the classroom, the children would have discussions with each other on what they have learnt in the garden and would have to express it as a drawing, artwork, chart –anatomy of a plant- that would eventually be displayed for other’s viewing pleasures.

Parent Involvement Program

PCF Marsiling Blk 32 warmly involves parents for their activities inside and outside school. Parents actively participate in facilitating the children when they go on field trips, ensuring their safety and facilitating their learning. Parents also help out during their garden sessions making sure that most learning takes place.

Innovation Grant

The centre is also a recipient of the Innovation Grant which enables them to go on, on average, 2 field trips per term with little financial burden on the children.

Parent Interview

After an interview with the parent, it is evident that a parent in general trusts PCF Marsiling Blk 32 with their children’s preschool education. The interviewed parent explained how she has the confidence in the government kindergarten and its curriculum. This is why she entrusts her 3 children with them, knowing they would be in good hands, learning only the best.

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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Marsiling Blk 32 (kn)

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