George Er

MY World Preschool Limited @ Yishun Fern Grove

George Er
16 Apr

Project C.A.R.E

M.Y World Fern Grove embarks a partnership with Red Cross Junior (RCJ) on 8 April 2024 with educational workshops to advocate and introduce First Aid and Disaster management. Through workshops and hands-on activities, participants acquire first aid skills like basic bandaging and CPR + AED awareness (together with their parents). The Red Cross Junior volunteers will also be organizing learning journey to the blood bank and our preschoolers are able to try out different hands-on activities at the Red Cross Campsite to understand essential life-saving skills and emergency response protocols to support local communities. With guidance and through interactive sessions and simulations, our preschoolers gain practical skills and knowledge essential for handling various crisis scenarios. With RCJ volunteers, our little champions become agents of change, fostering empathy and building a safer future for all.

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