Goh Bee Lin

Pearlbank Montessori Kindergarten

Goh Bee Lin
17 Jun

PMK 2022 SSDB Learning Journey #3 - My Family Chooses Kindness

Hi there! Greetings from us - the little Ambassadors of Kindness from PMK! We would like to share with you about the exciting things we learned about the importance of family values in the second week of our June 2022 Character Building Holiday Programme …

This round, we had an enjoyable week hopping along with Becky Bunny - an endearing mascot from Families for Life, and learning about what it means to show LOVE and RESPECT to our family members.

We love Becky Bunny! We especially love listening to her stories about Dawn’s Birthday Party and Becky’s Treasure Chest, playing interactive games, dancing and singing families songs along with her and having enjoyable craft fun in creating  heart-shaped mobiles and decorating  pebble magnets.

 After a week of fun learning, we took home two important family values:

  • To love is to give (the 5 love languages of Gary Chapman)

  • We show respect by being patient and kind

Finally, to put what we had learned into action … we kickstart our little kindness efforts to our family members with a surprise gift for our daddy since Father’s Day is just around the corner  - making a Father’s Day craft using recyclables and crafting a Father’s Day poem to honor this most important man in our lives!

Here are some photos to share the fun time we had in school!

What’s inside Becky’s treasure chest? Let’s find out!

Becky Bunny is right! Making pebble magnets is indeed very fun! Look at our beautiful pebble magnets … can’t wait to bring them home to show our mommies!

We love to play games about showing kindness to our friends and families with Becky and Singa and his Cubbies !

To love is to give… we did a class graph on what is our favourite love language for our family members - give time, give gifts, give hugs and pats, give kind words or give help? Here are our choices!

Let’s put what we learned about showing love and respect to our families into action - Making a Father’s Day gift for the most important man in our lives!

Here are our acrostic poems for daddy to put into the Giving Tree pencil holder we made …

Finally, our pledge to always show love to our family members…

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