Eden B Araneta

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Radin Mas Blk 21 (kn)

Eden B Araneta
22 Aug 2017

Phase 2: Let Us Up-Cycle cum  SSDB Centre Launch - 28th March 2017

Days prior to our SSDB centre launch, teachers and staff helped each other to make samples of up-cycled creations to show children and parents.

On March 28, 2017, children and parents of both morning and afternoon sessions were invited to the SSDB centre launch. It was celebrated by imparting different ways to up-cycle reusable materials. The principal kick started off the event by welcoming the children and the parents. Next was a presentation of the objectives, activities and timeline of the projects by Teacher Eden, the centre’s project coordinator for this year’s SSDB Project.  After which,  children and parents were guided to their respective classroom for a demonstration of innovative ways to transform materials such as plastic soda bottles/containers into artistic tools/objects that can be reused. 

Children,  parents, teachers and staff of Radin Mas Blk 21 pledged to commit themselves to the up-cycling activity by promising to come up with at least 2 or more creations. The centre alloted a space or room as well as made available materials such as paints,  pairs of scissors, tape, and  decorations for parents/guardians and children to come to the centre during their free time and work on their DIY creations while others opted to do at the convenience of their home. 

The pledge to recycle materials was imprinted through a group photo of the participants fronting the centre’s SSDB banner.

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