Siti Aisyah Binte Baharum

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Keat Hong Blk 448 (CC)

Siti Aisyah Binte Baharum
28 Nov 2022

PCF Sparkletots @ Keat Hong Blk 448

“Family Ties”

This year, we launched the 2022 SSDB project in the month of June. This year we have chosen the theme ‘Family Ties’, focusing on why healthy relationships and strong bonds with family members are important. We also hope that children will be able to grasp important family values such as ‘Love’, ‘Care & Concern’, ‘Commitment’, and ‘Respect’ as introduced by the Family For Life (FFL) organisation.

This year, our goal was to:

  1. Create stronger family bonds to encourage and strengthen parent-child communication and better behaviour in children.

  2. Reach out to grandparents and/or other extended family members.

  3. Inculcate family values while working on the activities together.

After watching the launch video, we had a discussion about what family means to the children and brainstorm it through a mind map. At the end of the discussion, children learnt the difference between the word ‘Love’ and ‘Like’ and that ’To love, is to give.’

We had a storytelling from the book Treasures For Life ‘Happy Birthday Dawn’ by Esther Eio. Children were very engaged throughout the story and were participative all through the discussions. They learnt that a family will always be there for you through your times of need and learnt of the elaborated phrase ‘TO LOVE IS TO GIVE’.

Teachers uploaded a guide for the parents on how to use the SSDB resources on the parents portal before the children took the resource packs home with them. Below are some of the pictures of their active participation!

October 8 was Grandparents Day. As creating a stronger bond with grandparents ties very strongly with our goal, we used this opportunity to link it together with our SSDB project.

Children decorated their photo frames (provided by the FFL) in school then brought it home for their parents to insert their family photos. Below are some pictures of our children proudly presenting their photo frames to their grandparents!

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