Marina Ho

MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong

Marina Ho
2 Sep 2019

Part 1: Caring starts with me!

Showing care and acceptance for person with disability starts young. That is what we at MOE@Dazhong strongly believes and through opportunity to inculcate such values in every child.


In 25 February, the children kick start SSDB 2019 by finding out about how the visually and physically impaired persons commute and carried out their daily activities.

Through some findings from videos and books, children realised that the visually impaired could commute using some of these ways:

They also found Braille dots at lift buttons and even at the ATM machines! There was an audio aid too.

Following that, teachers planned planned a “PLAY DAY” for the children with our friends from SPD. We went to West Coast Park - Inclusive Playground to have fun!

Even though we maybe different, we can still be friends! Let’s play!

Children learnt to wait patiently as their friends took turna to go down the slide.

On another day, children went around the neighbourhood to see how the environment helped the visually and the physically impaired to move around as well.

Using a white cane, some of the children experienced walking and feeling their way around. Hold onto the elbow, the railing or being  assisted by a caring person are some ways that a person of disability move around.

Our SSDB part 1 ends off with a talk by the Guide Dogs Singapore. It was such an amazing learning experience for us!

Here the facilitator sharing a story about Barbara, a girl who was partially blind.

In the session we learnt about three different types of vision lost, such as tunnel vision and partial abd central vision loss. The children had a Q&A time with the owner and of course a close up photo with them!

Stay tune to our Part 2, where we go on a learning journey to the Enabling Village to learn how the environment around us helped the less fortunate.

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