Nur Aini Binte Ali

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines Central Blk 713 (CC)

Nur Aini Binte Ali
24 Jul 2019

Parent Teachers Meet cum Crafts/Bake Bartertrade - Part 2

During June holiday, the Centre had sent out invitation to all the Parents about the Crafts /Bake Bartertrade.

We received overwhelming response from parents on the event. Upon invitation, parents donated variety of food items such as biscuits, oil, assorted can food, noodles and many more.

Teachers also contributed by making their own craft to “sell” at the event.

Li Laoshi with her self made craft.

Drawing by Teacher Zira

Teachers, support staff assisted by contributing their ideas and expertise in setting up the event.

Look out for our next update on the event itself.

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