Cho Sze Chai (Cao Sichai)

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Marymount Blk 231 (DS)

Cho Sze Chai (Cao Sichai)
15 Jun 2022

Outdoor learning @ Singapore Zoo

Children decorated and comes up with ideas for this Start Small Dream Big 2020 Launch Banner. They named the animals that they can find in the Singapore Zoo, each colour and cut out the annual that they like and college them into this banner with guides from their teachers.

Prior to children’s knowledge on the animals in the Singapore Zoo, teacher bring them a tour to the Rainforest. Having some children as the embassor to explain, show and tell what are the animals, birds and insects you can find in the Rainforest. Amazingly, you can hear how children get excited over the animals found out the Rainforest, and they introduced the animals, insects and birds with lots of details. Explaining the habitat of different species, foods they eat and behavior of the different species.

After knowing more about the Poison Dart Frog, children create and drew their own Poision Dart Frog, explain and share their creations with their peers. They explain how the Poison Dart Frogs catches their prey and it’s behavior. Children knew that these Poison Dart Frogs are the most brightly coloured frogs in the world and they live in wet tropical forest. They mostly feed on small insects like and termites.

Children doing animal yoga as they explore with movements of the different animals, insects and birds found in the Rainforest as part of the Motor Skill Development. Children had great fun displaying the movements with the music and songs played.

Children dramatize different animals living the Singapore Zoo. They moved like the animals and communication with roar, meow and hissing. Children knows that tigers can made very loud roar that can be heard at a distance up to 400 meters. They are the friendly who attend to party organize by the tiger. The tiger will show her friends her habitats and food she eats. She also explain how she catches her prey and end the session with tiger dances. The dance consists of the different movements like walking on fours, stretch upward and leap skyward.

Children made their own shadow puppets and created an animal story. They went to Singapore Zoo and saw animals such as giraffe, elephant and crane. On the way, they saw a crocodile, waiting to catch it’s prey, the dolphin. Just in time, a big bear came to save the animals. Children had great fun as they takes turn engaging with the shadow puppets.

In collaboration with home school partnership, children work together with their parents to create and fill in the animal’s facts. Both parents and children had great time finding and getting new knowledge of the animals. They ended the projects by creating the animal with recycle materials. It’s an enriching learning experience for both parents and children. Children share and tell their animal with their peers and teachers.

Children works together with their parents to create a topical rainforest with different animals that they can find in the Rainforest. Children proudly present their 3D artworks with their peers and teachers, introducing the animals they had created and how they feel as they did their artwork with their parents. It is a good opportunity for parents to build the bonding with their children as the comes together working on the 3D artwork.

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