Amanda Tan

My First Skool @ Marine Terrace Blk 18

Amanda Tan
29 Aug 2017

Our Treasure, Our Elders

As the saying in chinese goes, “家有一老,如有一宝”. With this phrase in mind, we have been sharing with our children on appreciating our elders in our midst. During our neighbourhood walk, the K2 children noticed the Elder Care near our Centre and asked about the elders engaging in activities in there. We continued to explore on questions such as, “How should we treat our elders?”, “How can we help our elders?”, “What can we do for them to make them feel better?”. With these questions, we liaised with the MontFort Care GoodLife! and planned a series of activities that provided opportunities for the children and elders to interact and engage with one another!

Let’s colour together!

Here’s a colour pencil, boy!

The children also had a chance to play Dominoes with the elders and put their numeracy skills to the test!

Soon, it was time to bid our elders farewell. But, we will be back soon!

Two weeks later, the children celebrated National Day with the elders! This time, they put up dance performances accompanied with Hokkien, Chinese and English music!

The children definitely placed a smile on the faces of our elders. We have so much to thank our elders for this National Day as they all played a part in building our nation to be one that is strong and free!

Thank you, Ah Gongs! Thank you, Ah Mas!

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