Su Ying Neo

Star Learners @ Sembawang Way

Su Ying Neo
16 Sep 2020

Our small ways of showing kindness - packing and making gifts for the community

The children made and packed gifts which was sent to the elderly home at “Villa Francis-Home For The Aged.”

The K1’s pack elderly care packed and made a photo frame with little notes, sending their regards to the elderly.

The K2’s decided to gift something colourful and lively to brighten up the elderly days. The children wanted to gift real flowers but they would eventually wither off and that would made the children sad. They decided to make paper flower bouquet where children can add in some touches by drawing and decorating the flower petals.

“Villa Francis-Home For The Aged“ representative receiving the gifts for the elderly.

Elderly from Villa Francis receiving the flowers with smiles on their faces :)

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