Nurashrikin Binte Karim

EB0006 E-Bridge Pre-School (Bukit Panjang Plaza)

Nurashrikin Binte Karim
1 Oct 2021

Our Silent Superheroes

For this year’s Start Small, Dream Big 2020, we will be encouraging the children’s value of appreciation for the ‘Silent Superheroes’ in the community that has contributed in combating the COVID-19. The honouring of our valued individuals will be fulfilled through a collaborative effort between children and parents.

Through this learning journey, we hope to inculcate values to children on how to contribute to make the world a better place even in small steps and actions.

COVID-19 has impacted the lives of many worldwide. E-Bridge at Bukit Panjang is recognising the efforts made by essential workers who put forth their time and energy to contribute their part in our fight against this pandemic: cleaning attendants, F&B workers, security personnels and the food deliverers. Within our community, each and everyone has the ability to play a part in our fight against COVID-19. 

“No one can do everything but everyone can do something.”

We held our Virtual Launch on 24 June 2020. During the session, we shared our experiences during the Circuit Breaker and also invited some of the children whose parents are essential workers to talk about their parents professions. We then challenged our Kindergarteners to share how we can show appreciation to these group of workers. They suggest creating ‘Thank You’ cards, gift bags and the K1 sang a song.

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