Islinda Binte Idris

Little Atlas Preschool

Islinda Binte Idris
10 Jun

Our FAST Heroes

As part of our Start Small Dream Big Project at Little Atlas Preschool, we have embraced the theme “Voices of Care, Hearts in Action”. In a world where even the smallest actions hold an immense potential for change, we are committed to amplifying children’s compassion and empathy, while fostering a culture of care and kindness within our community.

In collaboration with Fast Heroes – an initiative by the Singapore Civil Defence Forces (SCDF) and the World Stroke Organisation (WSO), a group of children from our Nursery 2 classes gathered to learn about their roles in life-saving and pledged to become FAST HEROES for “Voices of Care, Hearts in Action”. The children drew inspirations from programme characters like Frank, Arman, Sophia, and Timmy, who are equipped with different special powers to help others in need. Our journey began with captivating FAST stories that guided children to recognise an emergency, the importance of being prepared to take quick actions during such situations, as well as life-saving skills such as dialling 995 for help. Along the way, we also aimed to instil a sense of responsibility in young children and reminded them to always keep calm.

To pledge their commitment towards the cause, the children engaged in a creative expression activity, where they designed and decorated their own superhero masks! The children proudly donned their creative masks and danced joyfully to the FAST Hero song. The lyrics celebrated our key message and allowed children to feel empowerment by taking their first step forward to create a positive impact.

Carrying forward our theme “Voices of Care, Hearts in Action”, we anticipate an active advocacy, amazing collective efforts, and an exceptional learning experience from our budding superheroes! Stay tuned for our next update!

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