Zulqarnain Bin Zainol Rashid

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Gombak Blk 395A (CC)

Zulqarnain Bin Zainol Rashid
26 Oct 2021

Our Eco Enzymes

PCF Bukit Gombak Blk 395A went on a journey to create their own Eco Enzyme to educate children about the importance of recycling and not wasting away fruit skins. In addition, the children also learnt about how enzymes work and how it breaks down foods. 

We also engaged our Community Gardeners to educate the children via ZOOM on how to create their own DIY Eco Enzyme.

The children really enjoyed the journey of creating their individual Eco Enzyme and once it has been fermentated. The children will be looking forward to giving it to the residents around and to our Community Partners.

Our Eco Enzyme can help people to keep the place clean and save the environment. Katelyn Er, K2.

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