Shirley Baey

Bethany Childcare Centre (SSDB)

Shirley Baey
14 Jun 2021

Our Bicentennial Journey: Trip to Jacob Ballads Children's Garden

To kickstart the Start Small Dream Big 2019 project, the children were brought to the rainforest at Jacob Ballads Children’s Garden where they gained an authentic learning experience about the fascinating biodiversity of our local flora and fauna, and their habitats.

As they walked around the garden, they learned more about the symbiotic relationship between the animals, plants, us and the environment.

Back in class, they thought about preserving the present environment for a better future as they reflect on what they have seen around the garden and how can they help to protect it. The children were guided into thinking beyond that; to learn, understand and preserve what was close to their hearts, Singapore.

How did Singapore get her name?

With this question in mind, children embarked on Singapore’s bicentennial journey to learn about the history of Singapore and the diverse cast of contributors behind her.

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