Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
20 Jun 2020

NurtureStars Punggol nurturing the next generation of Water Warriors - Part 3

Water Warriors from K1 also participated in our week-long #letsgosavewater campaign in commemoration of World Water Day 2020! Ms Aida and Ms Sarah, their class teachers, discussed with children on the importance of being a Water Warrior through saving various water saving techniques! Thereafter, children were encouraged to participate in the life sized board game ‘Let’s Go save Water with Water Wally where the importance of adopting the 5 water saving habits through purposeful play:

  1. Take shorter showers

  2. Use a reduced flush

  3. Use a mug to brush teeth

  4. Use water-efficient washing machine

  5. Wash in a filled sink

Children were introduced to vocabulary such as desalination, conservation, imported water and NEWater. Their teacher explain about our nation’s pride, NEWater which is the highly treated reclaimed wastewater produced by Singapore’s Public Utilities Board. More specifically, conventionally treated wastewater is further purified to produce NEWater by using advanced treatment technologies.

Children were amazed by watching a resource video titled ‘Water Odyssey’ -

Thereafter they made plans to visit the NEWater Visitor Centre! Great idea, Water Warriors from Kindergarten One! #letsgosavewater!

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