Laqui Cindy Atienza

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Laqui Cindy Atienza
17 Sep 2020

National Day Celebration with St. Luke's Eldercare

On 16th August 2019, our K2 children visited St. Luke’s Eldercare to celebrate National day with them. As the highlight of our SSDB project, the children presented a simple song performance for the elderly and shared stories with them.

As the program went on, children chose their elder partner to play bingo game with them. Everyone was thrilled and pumped up especially when the teachers announced that there will be prices for the winners.

The prices? Our children’s precious art works. Each of them gave a simple token of appreciation and gratitude to the elderly for the wonderful time that they had spent together.

And before the program ended, children enthusiastically sang some traditional songs with uncle and aunties.

It was indeed a day that our little children will remember as they learnt the importance of building relationships with others and creating simple memories with the elderly.

Intergenerational relationships are beneficial to everyone especially to young children in order for them to develop sympathy and compassion for others and increase their self-esteem. It provides them an opportunity to learn new skills and give them a sense of purpose. Through this project, we aim to help the elderly and children of our centre to experience the thrilling joy of developing connections and building relationships with one another.

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