Ms Nur Radiah Binte Saadon

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Ms Nur Radiah Binte Saadon
15 Oct 2021

National Day Celebration

Title: National Day Celebration

Date: 6th August 2021

Class: PG, N1, NR, K1, K2

Brief Introduction:

To celebrate Singapore’s 56th birthday, the event started by having the K2 children share their wishes for Singapore through a Zoom session with the parents. Afterwards, the K1 and K2 children performed the ‘Road Ahead’ workout while the children from Playgroup to Nursery did the workout in individual classrooms. Once done, the teachers had an awareness talk with the children in individual classrooms to share about the story of how Singapore got its name and a brief history of Singapore’s progress throughout the years. Lastly, children had a photo taking session at the photobooth prepared.


  1. To celebrate Singapore’s 56th Birthday.

  2. To know more about the founding of Singapore and its growth throughout the years.

  3. To boost their self confidence as they perform through Zoom.


  1. At the start of the event, the K2 children begin the zoom session by sharing their wishes for Singapore. Afterwards, the K1 and K2 children showcased the workout performance prepared to the song ‘Road Ahead’ for the parents.

  2. After the zoom ends, the children went back to their individual classes for an awareness talk by teachers about the story of how Singapore got its name and a brief history of Singapore’s progress.

  3. Children were educated on how Singapore gained independence and the improvement of living conditions since then.

  4. They were shown national day parade videos. Apart from that, children also sang to National Day songs such as ‘Road Ahead’, ‘In a heartbeat’ and ‘Let’s reach out for the skies.’

  5. Lastly, children took photos at the photo booth and went out for a walk around Elias Mall to look at the National Day decorations.


Before the end of the session, class teachers conducted reflection with children by asking children what they had learned through the session and shared their opinion. They also encouraged children to share with family members.

National Day Celebration on 6th August 2021

Thank you, Singapore for being the best.

Join us in the workout to the song ‘Road Ahead’.

This is the story of Sang Nola Utama, who founded the Island Temasek.

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