Amanda Tan

My First Skool @ Marine Terrace Blk 18

Amanda Tan
29 Aug 2018

National Day and Racial Harmony Day Celebration cum Fundraising Funfair

My First Skool at Blk 18 Marine Terrace had its National Day and Racial Harmony Day Celebration cum Fundraising Funfair on the 10th of August.

This Wall Feature are filled with families that contributed in the fundraising. Each family wrote their names on an origami heart as a recognition of their contribution.

Goodlife! was invited to have a booth to interact with the children and parents.

There were plenty of games and food for the children and parents to enjoy at the funfair.

We were invited by Goodlife! for their National Day celebration on 17th August 2018. The Nursery to K2 children prepared and gave out goodie bags to the elders.

The celebration started with the children’s performance.

Items collected during the fundraising were presented to Goodlife! along with the Wall Feature with the names of the contributors (children and their families).

Next, the children were split in to 4 groups to play some games with the elders. Activities such as puzzle, memory game and pass the ball kept them engaged.

The children learned a lot from this experience from values such as patience, respect and caring for elders. They also learn about contributing back to the community with what they have.

No one can do eveything but everyone can do something.

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