Ma Rachelle Agravante

My Kiddie Klubhouse Pte Ltd

Ma Rachelle Agravante
14 May

My Kiddie Klubhouse SSDB 2020 Virtual Launch Party

For this year, My Kiddie Klubhouse SSDB 2020 Theme is “My Kiddie Green Thumb Gardeners.” Children together with the help of their supportive parents participated in our Virtual Launch Party which was done in each student’s respective houses due to “Singapore Circuit Breaker.

  • Children had developed their sense of reliability and responsibility by engaging them to create their very own pledge cards with a promise of taking care of theirs plants and the environment.

MKK Children looked for some seeds in their kitchen and tried to grow them using wet cottons. Moreover, this activity helped them to build self-confidence as they recorded the progress of their seeds from its first day until the sprouts come out.

Children also learnt about cause-and effects and become more curious about nature through singing and dancing along with the provided songs about nature and plants.

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