Siti Nurhazimah Mohd Ebrahim

MOE Kindergarten @ Yishun

Siti Nurhazimah Mohd Ebrahim
9 Jul

MK@Yishun Family Day Celebration

MK@Yishun organized a heartwarming Family Day celebration on May 24, 2024, Friday to commemorate our SSDB project themed “Love

 Begins at Home”. This event provided a special platform for expressing love and appreciation to our family members.

Prior to the event, the children showcased their creativity by creating artwork that depicted ‘What family means to me’. These heartfelt creations were proudly exhibited in the school hall, inviting families to take a gallery walk and appreciate the children’s artwork.

In addition to the artwork, the children prepared a special performance to show their gratitude to their families. They showcased their talents through singing, dancing, and reciting poems, captivating the audience during the event.

To conclude the eventful day, the children and their families engaged in various sports activities such as soccer, balancing ball games, and piggyback races. These activities provided an opportunity for families to bond and create lasting memories together.

The families thoroughly enjoyed the activities and cherished the chance to come together and celebrate Family Day with their children. This event strengthened family bonds and created cherished memories for all involved.

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