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30 Aug 2018

Meet the Elderly @ Neighbourhood

On 28th August 2018,

  • The children visited to a nearby Supermarket at Chai Chee area. They have selected some nutritional food with Healthier Choice logo such as wholemeal oat and wheat biscuits and planned to give it to the elderly at the Chai Chee neighbourhood.

  • The cashiers and the shop assistants were kind and approachable. The children have presented a thankyou sticker to them to show appreciation.

  • After purchasing , the children packed and sorted the items.
  • The children took a walk in the neighbourhood and they have displayed the good manners to demonstrate when greeting and talking to the elderly. They have approached the elderly first and they were able to interact with the elderly with care and kindness.

  • After chit-chatting, children have presented their token to them and they have feel appreciated.

  • The children have asked the elderly some questions such as:

  • How are you?

  • What is your name?

  • What is your favourite food and colour?

The children were able to reflect and practise the good behaviours when meeting the elderly.

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