Susyanti Anggrayni Binte Sunaryo

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Jurong Spring Blk 455 (CC)

Susyanti Anggrayni Binte Sunaryo
15 Oct 2020

Marine Conservation: Reduce Plastic Waste

24th April 2019

We had our official SSDB launch. Children expressed their thoughts and feelings about how plastic wastes endangered the sea animals. We recited our environmental pledge to reuse, reduce, recycle and refuse plastic wastes wisely. 

29th April 2019

This year, we are collaborating with S.E.A Aquarium. We had our first school visit on 29th April. Children did activities called “I See, I Think, I wonder” based on the poster shown to them. Children were more aware of the consequences of throwing plastic wastes in the sea and in their own groups, they presented their thoughts and feelings.

3rd May 2019

After our family day celebration at West Coast Park, children and parents picked up litter around the park as part of our parental involvement.

26th June 2019

Visit to the S.E.A Aquarium to learn more about the Sea Animals. 


  1. Apple Skin vs Plastic (Decomposition)

Children did an experiment on the decomposition of apple skin and plastic. After a week, they discovered that the apple skin showed changes in its properties such as colour and densitiy while the plastic showed no changes. We observed the changes for 4 weeks and children concluded that the apple skins are slowly disappearing while the plastic remains the same. 

  1. Water Pollution

Children did an experiment on water pollution and wondered if it is possible to clean up the plastoc wastes in the sea. They concluded that it is difficult to pick up plastic wastes in the sea because it’s deep and big. Hence, felt that it is important to throw the plastic wastes in the designated bins and also to reduce the usage of plastics as it could not decompose. 

Take Home Activity

To wrap up the project, children did an informative poster with the parents. They then presented it to the class during show and tell to convey what they have learnt from this project this far. These posters were then pasted at the office to create awareness to other children and parents.

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