Nurul Aqila Binte Noor Khalid

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Canberra Blk 413 (CC)

Nurul Aqila Binte Noor Khalid
25 May 2023

Making agar-agar for our families

On 20 July, our centre celebrated Racial Harmony Week. Our K1 and K2 children made agar-agar; a Malay dessert, virtually via Zoom. Parents were invited to watch the cooking session.

K1 children

K2 children

After the cooking session, children were invited to bring home the agar-agar to share with their family.

Lovely pictures sent by parents

A post card was brought home for family members to write their Racial Harmony Day wishes and/or eating experiences. They are displayed outside of the classroom.

Back in the classroom, our children did a show and tell about their experience of cooking for their family.

K2 children sharing their experience

K1 children sharing their experience

Post cards written by families and decorated by children

Overall, it was a meaningful experience for both children and parents! Children had a fun time cooking and packing the agar-agar.

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