Turla Maria Cristina

MacPherson Sheng Hong Childcare Centre

Turla Maria Cristina
10 Jun

Macpherson Sheng Hong childcare Parents’ Appreciation Day

The classes from Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1, and 2 decided on the theme “Love Starts at Home” and to start the project the children made plans to do a Virtual Appreciation Day Party for their parents…

The children wrote their love and thankfulness for their parents through their hand-made cards. 

The Nursery 2 class made bouquets for their parents using craft materials. 

The Kindergarten 2 children learned to wrap flowers for their parents! 

Each class also prepared a pre-recorded dance performance which was shown during the virtual party! 

The event ended with Thank You and I Love You messages from the children to their parents! 

It is indeed full of love and a successful event for the families of Macpherson Sheng Hong Childcare Centre!

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